Our Philosophy

In 2002, I founded Natural Skincare Clinic

As a young female entrepreneur, I created my own business -- with a goal to provide skincare tailored to the client’s interests and needs. Honesty and integrity are integral in our practice, and we will only serve your best interests. If we can’t help your skin condition, we will help you find someone who can help.

Our clinic occupies a beautiful old home located in Wheat Ridge, just 10 minutes from downtown Denver.

I invite you to “come home to clear skin”, as we will provide you with a customized plan to address your skin problems and provide optimal solutions. Our approach is results-driven, utilizing our own brand of natural herbal supplements. We believe that what you put inside your body is important, that our skin and overall health are directly related to what we eat.
Lasers are an exclusive tool of our practice. Over the years, we have seen the applications that work best with lasers to achieve optimal results.


Jessica Gremley
Founder & Medical Esthetician

What you can expect

We take a personal interest in every patient and will guide you on your journey to beautiful skin. When your skin doesn’t match the vibrant person you are, the correct skin treatments can transform your attitude. We feel so much joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment with every client we treat.

When we first meet you, we will take time to hear your story -- learning about your skin problems, and other factors (like stress) that may be affecting your skin. We like to build relationships, then embark on the skincare journey together. We understand how skin issues and aging skin can ruin your day, your week, and entire years. And we know that the right skin treatment can change your life.

We’ve seen patients gain confidence in their professional and social lives, all because their skin looks great. The once-shy girl or guy comes out of their shell and takes the job interview or date invitation they might have shied away from before.

After the transformation, our patients tell us they’re living their best lives. We’ve received many hugs from patients, thrilled at their results.

Knowledge is power

Today, I’m in my early 40s, and I see signs of aging in my own skin. My cheeks used to be a lot fuller. I’m starting to notice wrinkles. Many days, I feel self-conscious about these flaws. Acne breakouts occur occasionally, and while they make me grumpy, I’ve learned how to take care of them. I know the laser treatments and supplements that will help smooth my wrinkles and plump up my cheeks.

Knowledge is power, and that power has really changed things for me; I feel much more confident.

My wish is that you feel this same power, that you see results in the skincare treatments we provide.

I’ll never forget the young lady with full-blown cystic acne who wanted clear skin for her wedding. She was so concerned about her future husband’s reaction at the altar, if she had bad skin on their big day. With our help, she was clear-skinned and confident on her wedding day. As she left the clinic on her final day, we hugged and hugged … with tears of happiness for her.

We wish this same transformation for you

If you’ve struggled with skin problems, I invite you to join us at our Wheat Ridge location for a consultation. You’ll have our undivided attention… and our commitment to finding the best solutions.

Natural Skincare Clinic is a safe place where you’ll never feel judged. Our community of aestheticians, staff, and patients support each other through their journeys. We hope you’ll join us. Come home to clear and glowing skin.