Jessica Gremley

Jessica Gremley

Founder, Medical Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist, Laser Specialist and Healing Diets Practitioner

I have passionately dedicated the last 16 years to helping people look and feel their best via the field of medical esthetics. I work with a three-pronged approach to skin care: clinic-grade topical skin care (in-office treatments and home care), healthy diet, and herbs/vitamins/homeopathic remedies. Should we work together, this will be the approach I will take to helping you maintain your skin and/or improve any skin problems. My specialties include anti-aging treatments (pro-aging I like to call it), active acne & acne scarring reduction, maintenance skin care, and hormonal skin conditions. I commit myself to educating you on how to take control of your inner health and outer beauty!


In 2002, I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Iowa with a major in Communications and minor in Psychology. While attending college, I worked as a nursing assistant at the University of Iowa Hospitals. After college, I worked in the non-profit sector and at the same time I yearned for a profession where I was working straightforwardly with individuals and eventually helping them to enhance their person satisfaction and feel better about themselves. In 2003, I started Esthetics school in Chicago, IL where I trained on the basics of skin care including anatomy of the skin, product chemistry, topical ingredients, facial techniques, and massage therapy. Around two months into school, I began reading the Perricone Prescription by Dr. Perricone, I felt a genuine knowledge that the only way to heal the skin was through sustaining the body appropriately, internally as well as externally. The skin is the largest organ of the body and directly expresses its inner nature- healthy and radiant OR imbalanced and blemish.

In 2013, I received certifications in Acute Homeopathy from the Caduceus Institute and as an Acne Specialist from the Face Reality Skin Clinic owner. I studied under Laura Cooksey and, through her, Dr. James Fulton. Dr. Fulton is known as one of the top acne research experts in the world, the co-inventor of Retin-A and the scientist that introduced Benzoyl Peroxide to the world. Their results of curing acne have been replicated across the country with a 95% success rate. I am now equipped with the knowledge and products of these industry acne experts and am excited to share them with you.

I also attended the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder in 2013-2015. Due to my passion for healing foods and herbs, my studies started with the Herbal Medicine Program and Healing Diets. In 2014, I received my diploma as a Healing Diets Coach. My studies consisted of: raw foods theory and practice, health assessment and diagnostic skills, herbal medicine, juice cleansing, fasting, longevity diets concepts, food combining, alkaline versus acid and the dis-ease state, and much more.

Clinic Experience

Several years into my career, I partnered with a prominent physician to start a holistic medical spa and wellness center in Chicago. Over a six year time frame at this clinic, I was able to hone my skills in aesthetic medicine and holistic skin care treatments. I have used the following treatments for the last nine years: microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermaplaning, facials, PDT, Isolaz Acne Therapy, Photofacials, Facial & Leg Vein Therapy, Fraxel, Fractional C02 & Erbium Laser, Laser Genesis, Laser Hair Removal, Blue Light and V-Beam.

Lindsey Sloan

Licensed Esthetician & Certified Acne Specialist

Lindsey has experienced acne first hand and turned her passion for skincare into a career by attending Littleton Academy of Esthetics and has been a licensed Esthetician since 2002. She is trained in all areas of esthetics including speed waxing, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, nano needling and lash lifting. Lindsey also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is a certified positive reinforcement dog trainer.

Lindsey’s passion is to help people boost their confidence, build interpersonal relationships with clients, and really enjoys assisting others in their journey to wellness and wholeness.

“My favorite moment is when someone is finally clear. Seeing the joy and confidence on people’s faces makes me rejoice inside. I love being a part of such a transformational journey with my clients”.

Outside of the clinic, Lindsey spends time with her family. She enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, Pilates and laughing about the humors of life.

Sarah Houska

Licensed Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist

Sarah fell in love with the skincare industry at a very young age, watching her grandmother apply her skincare routine religiously, teaching her that skin health is vital. When she was old enough to have her own skincare routine at age 12, her mother was panicked when Sarah had severe acne. They tried everything under the sun to get clear even taking Sarah to every dermatologist within a 15-mile radius and nothing had worked.

Fast forward 14 years, Sarah had enough feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Sarah wanted to expand her knowledge of skincare and pursue a career in Medical Esthetics. She received her Esthetics and Laser certification from the College of International Esthetics in Arvada, CO.

“I felt it was very important to expand my education and training in this ever-changing industry. I have distinguished strengths in helping clients feel beautiful from within and giving the ultimate skincare experience. I take pride in each and every treatment and find it fulfilling to connect with clients and establishing trust. I truly believe that investing in your skin is an investment that will last a lifetime”.

I was born and raised in Arvada, Co, I have lived in Hawaii and Arizona but made my way back home. When I am not pursuing my passion for skincare, I enjoy spending time exploring with my rescue dogs and cooking for my family.

Megan Domroese

Acne Specialist, Esthetician & Assistant Manager

Megan started her journey with skincare at a very young age. She struggled with acne all throughout her teenage years and studied Esthetics during those years. Acne was a condition she strived to solve as it affected all aspects of her life.

“I became an Esthetician to make a difference in peoples’ lives and for clients to see their unique beauty inside and out. I know how difficult acne is, and also how freeing it is to have clear skin. This is why it is my passion to help as many people struggling with acne to get clear.”

Megan got her Esthetician license from Red Rocks Community College in Colorado. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science-Information Systems with a minor in Mathematics from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. She has worked as an Esthetician around the United States including Colorado, Texas, and Florida working with many different skin types and treatments including: Chemical peels, microdermabrasions, dermaplaning, and makeup applications.

Megan is a Colorado Native and loves to spend time with her black lab/golden retriever.

Amanda Gudites

Acne Specialist and Esthetician

My experience with acne began in my early teens and followed me through adulthood. It greatly affected my confidence as a young adult and really seemed to control my daily life. I think back and remember spending countless hours in the bathroom trying to “fix” my acne when I was unknowingly doing the exact opposite! My parents tried everything to help me; buying expensive products advertised for acne, taking me to a dermatologist for prescription topicals & antibiotics, even allowing me to take Accutane in my teens. Sadly, none of these options made a significant, long term change for my skin. I felt lost and like I was bound to have to cover my skin with makeup for the rest of my life.

I finally met a well established Medical Esthetician named Mary who genuinely cared and wanted to help me with my acne. She was extremely knowledgeable and sympathetic towards how I was feeling and what I had been through. She taught me a lot about different skin care treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and professional extractions. I always left my appointments feeling more confident and comfortable in my skin. After many years working in the Veterinary field, Mary became my inspiration to make a career change. I wanted to help others with their troubled skin and enrolled in the Spa Program at the Aveda Institute of St. Petersburg, FL to become a Licensed Esthetician. In 2012, I completed over 900 hours in Aveda’s spa program; learning both skin care and massage therapy. Knowing first hand how acne can affect one’s life, I wanted to help other acne sufferers boost their confidence and ultimately, improve their well-being.

Born in New Jersey, I moved to Florida with my family at the young age of ten. I have lived all throughout the Tampa Bay area where my work experiences in Medical Spas and Plastic Surgery offices have allowed me to build my extensive knowledge of both invasive & non-invasive skin care treatments. Growing up in Florida, I have seen how the humidity & sun can heavily impact one’s skin. I am a huge advocate of SPF and believe that it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. Having personal experience with skin cancer, I will tell you it is much easier to apply sunscreen to your face & body than to have skin cancer removed.

In addition to my Esthetics License, I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Hodges University in Naples, FL. When I am not clearing acne at NAC, I am booking vacations as a home based travel advisor. This will eventually allow me to do more traveling myself and I love helping people make memories! I have an immense love for all animals and find great pleasure finding rescue animals new homes. I have worked in animal welfare and in my free time I enjoy volunteering with local animal shelters and fostering dogs that are waiting for their forever family. My boyfriend (also a Floridian) is what brought me to Colorado! He has been a great tour guide of this beautiful state and I am really enjoying experiencing the different seasons after living in FL for so long! We enjoy being outdoors, live music, trying out all the delicious restaurants & breweries here. We also love showing our friends and family all the sights when they come visit us. My biggest love is my rescued hound Ellie; I adopted her when she was a year old. We spend lots of time together exploring new places, sleeping & snacking.

One positive thing my difficult history with acne has brought me is the opportunity to help you with yours. No one should have to suffer with acne whether you’re a teen or an adult. I want to guide you through the steps to get you clear!

Britanny Gutierrez

Britanny Gutierrez

Medical Esthetician, Acne Specialist & Make-up Artist

Britanny has been interested in Esthetics and makeup artistry since she was a teenager. As a fun pastime, she liked to do her family members' make-up and remembers the joy of seeing her family come to life with increased self esteem and confidence after she was finished.

As an adult, Britanny attended Cal State and studied kinesiology. At that time, her friend was in esthetician school and asked Britanny if she could practice a facial on her. Brittany agreed and went into the school to receive a service. After receiving a facial, Britannys interest in skin care had been ignited. She immediately knew that this was her path! Brittany suffered with acne and never knew how to treat it, or even where to find answers. At that moment she knew that she was ready to shift her career to skin care.

After Britanny graduated from Esthetician school, she focused on many areas of esthetics including professional make-up artistry, facials, and exfoliating treatments. She had always been interested in acne and felt there was very little education or knowledge about the subject matter. She eventually wanted to immerse herself in learning acne and found a home at Natural Acne Clinic.

Britanny is a kind and accepting person. In the past, she worked at a rehabilitation facility for youth and has learned a deep compassion for people. In her free time, she enjoys bullet journaling, hanging out at coffee shops, and recording make-up tutorials she uploads to Youtube.  

Nicole Gillespie

Nicole Gillespie

Medical Esthetician & Acne Specialist

Nicole is a Colorado native who has her very own unique and personal history with severe acne. Nicole began experiencing acne at the young age of 8! She was taken to several Dermatologists during those years and ultimately never found a solution for her skin's issues. When Nicole went to High School, her acne became more painful and cystic. After a lot of trial and error, she met an Esthetician who finally treated her and her skin as more than a number. This Esthetician was able to figure out how to truly improve Nicole's skin which truly made a difference for her overall confidence & sprouted a lifelong interest in improving others skin.

Nicole attended The Regency Beauty Institute of Cosmetology in 2015 where she eventually decided to solely focus on Esthetics. In 2017 she received her Esthetics License and has been in the industry ever since. Nicole is a hard worker who is committed to learning new procedures and treatments to better serve her clients. She enjoys specifically treating acne and performing extractions on her acne patients. (She really enjoys watching Dr. Pimple Popper!)

When Nicole is not treating patients at the office, you can find her enjoying long hikes with her beloved dog, camping, fishing, and even line dancing! She also has a medical background working as a CNA. 

Dr. Manish Shah


Dr. Manish Shah is a board-certified Denver, CO plastic surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery of the face, breast, body and skin. At his practice, Dr. Shah is committed to the informed patient. By educating patients, he provides them with all the pertinent information to make an informed decision for the best possible outcome. Dr. Shah’s top priority is safe and effective surgery so unlike other doctors, he isn’t afraid to be completely honest with patients. As one of the best plastic surgeons in Colorado, Dr. Shah is focused on natural surgery so he doesn’t perform extreme surgeries.

Dr. Shah’s skill and dedication as a cosmetic surgeon have been noted and honored throughout his esteemed career. He is the former Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at the Rocky Mountain region’s only academic level 1 trauma center. In addition, he was the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Denver Health Medical Center. Dr. Shah has been listed on the preeminent Marquis Who’s Who in America since 2009. He was also voted one of Forbes Magazine’s “Top Ten Most Dependable Plastic Surgeons of the Western United States” in 2008.