3-Day Clear Skin Cleanse ($45)

*takes place in your own homegreen smoothie 2

Cleansing the liver at least once a year is one of the most powerful things you can do for your skin, health, vitality and lifespan!

This is a salad and smoothie cleanse that includes all recipes, shopping lists, daily instructions on what to eat when, as well as suggested naturopathic remedies such as castor oil packs, herbal baths and coffee enema instructions. Also included is unlimited phone or email support while going through the cleanse.

Your liver is your own recycling and refuse plant. Any toxins from food, drinks and emotions get sorted out here, as well as metabolic waste. The liver also regulates blood hormone levels and controls blood sugar levels.

Signs your liver is need of cleansing:

☆ dull complexion
☆ bad breath
☆ skin rashes, pimples, redness
☆ low energy
☆ dark circles under the eyes
☆ weight gain
☆ cellulite
☆ headaches/migraines
☆ poor digestion (food sits in stomach)
☆ insomnia or sleep disturbances
☆ aches and pains in muscles and/or joints
☆ difficulty concentrating
☆ poor memory, easily distracted

This guided cleanse takes place in your home and can be done any three consecutive days that are best for you. After making the purchase via Paypal below, you will be emailed the daily instructions, recipes and shopping list. At that time you can let Jessi know when you will be doing the cleanse and she will be available for questions and guidance.

Clear Skin Cleanse